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Whether you are a current or future member, we can help you find the right in-network provider.


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Visit to find a full list of Medicare providers. Or contact your provider and ask if he or she accepts Medicare.

You can choose to buy a Supplement Plus policy to go with your Medicare Supplement insurance plan. Please click here to view dental, vision, and hearing providers (opens a new window).

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Additional Information...

HMO plans usually do not cover out-of-network services. You will always receive emergency services based on your plan’s benefits.

PPO or POS plans cover your claims at a lower level when you use an out-of-network provider. You are responsible for paying any extra amounts.

Medicare Advantage Members: To use your hearing aid benefit, please call TruHearing at 1‑866‑201‑9630. Please note: This benefit may not be available for members enrolled through a group. 

Substance Abuse: It is important to us to help our members impacted by substance abuse. Click here to learn more about various treatment options.

Provider Networks and Cost

Simply put, you'll pay less if you visit a doctor or hospital in your health plan's network. Narrower networks often offer lower premiums. Keep in mind that the cost of care can be higher if the providers you want to see are outside the plan's network. When shopping for a health plan, be sure to check if you'll have access to your preferred providers at lower, in-network rates.

Provider Network Quality

When you need medical care, quality matters. Be sure to consider if your preferred hospitals and providers are within the plan's network.