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Building A Quality Network

Medical Mutual carefully selects the healthcare providers to include in our network. All hospitals, medical facilities and providers in our network must meet strict credentialing and licensing requirements. We regularly evaluate primary care practitioners and specialists from more than 25 medical specialties to make sure our network provides the care you need in a reasonable distance.

Medical Mutual’s network of providers is not based on specific cost, quality, safety or member experience data. However, this information about our providers is very important to us. As a Medical Mutual member, you have a choice when it comes to your medical care. To help you make your healthcare decisions, our Find a Provider and My Care Compare tools provide you with quality, patient satisfaction and cost data.

Search for a provider or facility and review patient satisfaction data using the Find a Provider tool, available at If you have access to My Health Plan, your personalized member website at, log in to view providers' patient satisfaction ratings and medical facilities’ quality ratings.

The My Care Compare tool lets members with access to My Health Plan research and compare services, locations and costs of select medical treatments and procedures.

Once you are logged into My Health Plan, Find a Provider and My Care Compare are available under Quick Links or the Resources & Tools tab.

We hope these resources help you make healthcare decisions. If you have problems getting an appointment, have concerns about in-network providers or want to give us your feedback, call Customer Care at the number on your member identification (ID) card.

Provider data last updated on: 3/21/2023
Page last updated on: 12/10/2018

The information on this Web site and any links are for your information only and does not take the place of, or is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your doctor. Any services recommended or provided by your doctor may not be covered under the terms of your benefit plan. Eligibility and coverage are subject to the specific terms of your benefit plan.

Please note: Some in-network hospitals may employ hospital-based providers, such as laboratories, anesthesiologists, radiologists and emergency room physicians, who are not in your plan’s network. Hospital-based providers are on-site providers who perform medical services within a hospital or health center setting.

A hospital-based provider who is not in network can charge you more than what we pay and you could be billed for the difference (up to the entire cost of the service). This is called balance billing.

Whenever possible, please contact your provider(s) before making an appointment. Verify the provider participates in your plan’s network, and, if applicable, is accepting new patients. Also, prior to services, discuss any applicable facility fees that you will be charged, and responsible for with your provider.

Always seek care for a life-threatening emergency at the hospital nearest to you, regardless of the network status of the hospital or its hospital-based providers. In emergency situations, we will pay your plan's highest level of benefits on the allowed-amount for services provided. This may still result in balance billing.